Idd Salimi

Oh Rain…

Posted on: July 31, 2011

Yep. It’s the real rain. Not Rain the singer but the real rain. I thought we’ve done with the rain business last week because it was quite a good sunny day these two days but I guess the raining season is not gonna stop that soon yet.

This is how my place will look like on a nice sunny days; blue sky, nice cotton shape clouds… Well the sun rays here is pretty strong, even with those clouds I need my sunglasses. But it is not bad. Love it, especially when there’s a breeze cooling you down. And oh, the above picture was taken on 19 of July. Nice weather, isn’t it? But then the rain season starts. And like my previous post, it was the worst in South Korea’s history. We have landslide, floods everywhere and I even feel demotivated to go to class (maybe it’s not the rain, maybe it’s just me :P).

Anyhow, last Thursday my friend and I decided to stay out late because we have enough ‘suffering’ staying in the room all the time (because of the rain). We had our fun and sadly we have to go back early to our dormitory (yes, we have curfew :( ) and unfortunately the rain starts pouring down again. At first we try to catch a cab but you know the drill; there is none when you need it the most. So we’ve decided to take our last shuttle bus but it feels like a long way to walk especially in the rain. The umbrella only kept our head dry; my shoes feels like a bag full of water mixed with dirt, my school bag was drenched (some of the books also wet) and overall we looked horrible. The good thing is we arrived on time to catch our last shuttle bus… Huhu

Above picture : some of the people who were waiting for the shuttle bus back to the dorm.

The rain has stopped for like two days. We was so hype up because we’ve planned to have Thai food and worried we couldn’t make it if the rain still here. Hum, I’m gonna make a new post about the Thai restaurant we’ve visited last Friday. Now I need to check and decide which essay should I write amongst the 3 piling up homework before I demotivated myself again.

Oh no it’s already 7.23pm…


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