Idd Salimi

Syawal is still here!

Posted on: September 8, 2011

It’s been a little bit over one week since we celebrated 1st Syawal, and I believe people are already back to their daily life (back to work, of course). However, Syawal is not over yet, people! So I would like to wish everybody (again) SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN to all muslims and Malaysians, and Happy Merdeka Day too!! (well it was 31st of August though but hey, why not?).

Studying abroad makes me lonely, especially when I can only see photos of friends getting married, or newborn babies, or reunion, or delicious Malaysian food… (aww) speaking of which, I wanted to thank MCK, (or makcik kantin, or our beloved ex-lecturer) for sending me rations for Hari Raya and my parents for sending me enough serunding for me to share it with friends here.

I know that the cost for sending me those is much more expensive than the cost of the rations itself. Sorry, but you guys really make my day! (^ -^). For lots of people it may mean nothing but for a student like me, it meant a lot!! (especially when it is almost middle of the month but we haven’t received our allowance yet :P). THANK YOU!! (T-T)

Two days ago I cooked ‘ikan masak lemak cili padi’ using one of the instant pack. It is not spicy so I add more chillies and wallah! It is almost like sitting in my own house, at my hometown (except you can hear koreans from outside of the balcony)… It was soooo good I craved for it even in the late night. I used mackerel fish (cleaned, cut to three = 3,500won) and planned to finish it for three meals, but I failed. It lasted two times; I ate the rest yesterday, planning not to eat anything else after that (guilty of eating too much). hey hey… kenyang perut suka hatilah! ahahaha~~

*what am I doing in the middle of the day, writing in my blog even though I have homework to do??


3 Responses to "Syawal is still here!"

Halo!! Selamat Hari Raya!! Semoga senantiasa berbahagia di sana di sana di hostel baruuu…

Idd, diriku masih berhutang duit kuih denganmu, so kalau x malu panjang2kan la no acc nyer ke dlm inbox ku yea?!! Happy writings!! :).

duit kuih? hueah?? kuih aper k yoi? hoyohhhh

hehehehe ramai nampak bekalan meggie mee tuh…nnt jojet bwk kan lagik ek..tahan la sampai 3-4 tahun :P

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