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Happy Chuseok!! – part 2

Posted on: September 15, 2011

We went to National Folk Museum, the one that is near Gyeongbok Palace on Chuseok. It was my first time to actually celebrating Chuseok at somewhere (usually too lazy to go out because almost everything was closed on that day), and this year I’m glad to be somewhere ^^ (thanks to k Gibb and fellow Hanyang exchange students).

Every year there are places that held an event to celebrate Chuseok with foreigners (especially) and Seoul residents who are not going back to their hometown, and National Folk Museum is one of them. The event actually starts on weekend, until Tuesday (end of Chuseok holiday) and we chose to attend on that particular Chuseok day (we went to Namsangol for Chuseok eve).

I am actually quite lazy to upload the photos but I have recorded some performance there (will eventually upload it sooner or later because thats quite an experience to share with – sharing is caring ^^)

ok~ will upload the photos soon~ (homework oh homework)

**Chuseok was on 12th September (Monday)


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