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Hey, do you have any idea where is the first Starbucks in South Korea located? My friends and I heard of it so many times from our professors, being proud of it and sometimes bragging about it to others. It’s none other than Starbucks in front of Ewha Womans University! Before this we don’t have any cool evidence about it but it seems recently they put the big shiny round thingy inside the store. I would love it if they put it outside, but yeah, inside is cool too. You can find related articles in these websites:

*sorry for bragging. had a serious sugar rush. hick.


Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) is made from slices of rice cakes, some fish cakes with spicy sauce. However, Jaws Ddeokbokki does not mean they put actual jaws in there. It’s one of a famous ddeokbokki shop that you can find around Seoul easily (Hongdae, Ewha, Myeong-dong, to name a few – mainly because I’ve been to these places and saw it).

Unlike other street vendor style, Jaws offers (comfortable) places to sit inside the shop or you can just go straight to the small window for a ‘Take Out’ service. Since it is very cold outside, my (hungry) friend and I went inside and chose ddeokbokki with fried stuff (can’t remember the name!) set. My advice, some of you might want to ask them not to put ‘mandu’ inside the dish.

This is what the dish look like. I was so stunned to find a small chili floating in the soup, even though it is not that spicy. The red sauce is yummy but……….. SPICY!! I do love spicy food but some Korean spicy food is hard to describe. It makes your mouth fiery, your nose is over flowing with mucus and your eyes watery (okay might overreact a bit). Overall, the food is nice, the service is good, and the price is quite cheap. 5,000 won for the set above. Having it during winter makes your body hot, but I shudder thinking of having it during summer. @-@

*can I have more tomorrow? yum yum~

Hi~ Ever wonder how to get to Nami Island without joining any bus tour or something? My friends always ask whether they should include the Nami Island tour in their package, but I think for those who hates time constraint tour can just go to Nami with a few simple directions, like what I am doing now. You don’t have to worry about language barrier or what-not because you can always find an English subway map and other map from Seoul’s information center (which is everywhere) easily.

First, I guess T-Money is your ‘best friend’ for transportation. You can use it for buses, subway, taxis (if you have sufficient amount) and it make your life so much easier. So with the T-Money you can move around from buses to subway with a discount, and not to worry about the language selection at the reload machine, they do have English option. To check out more on T-Money, you can go to this site:

BUT, it is okay to not have T-Money though. You just need to buy the ticket on the machine and make sure you click the right destination :)

Now the hard part is, the subway (click the image above for a larger size). It actually depends on which station you are right now. For most of us (in Seoul), we usually use the ‘subway map’ application for an easy access to anywhere (it includes train time, easy transfer, nearest station, bus services, etc). But for a tourist, you can obtain subway map from any tourist information center, or the subway station (most subway station is using a machine for ticket selling, so better get yours at the airport. Back to subway map above, your target destination should be Gapyeong (far on the right part of the picture). It is on Gyeongchun Line, which served area outside of Seoul so from station to station it took much longer time to arrive.

Usually I transfer at Sangbong Station (remember to go down the stairs and look for Gapyeong direction signboard). From Sangbong station to Gapyeong station it took around 52 minutes ~ an hour, not including your journey to Sangbong station. Usually it took me almost 2 hours from Ewha Womans University Station to Gapyeong. Can’t remember the exact amount but it usually cost less than 3,000won for one way.

After you’ve arrived at Gapyeong, you can choose to go to Nami by bus or by taxi. Honestly I’ve never ride a bus to Nami, only taxi. It took around 10 ~ 15 minutes, depends on which route and when is your travel date; sometimes the traffic is so bad the taxi driver will stop somewhere and ask you to walk from there. The cost is less than 5,000won, usually.

When you arrive, you can see the ticket booth. The admission fee is 10,000won but they gave a special discount for foreigner and it cost 8,000won only (not sure for how long).

Because they call it ‘Naminara’ (means country of Nami – or republic of Nami), the ticket is called visa and the entrance is called Immigration entrance. Don’t worry, you don’t have to show them your passport :P.

So how was it? It does look complicated but if you are familiar with subway/train system in your country you can do it! You can find photos of Nami in my previous entry.

*Winter makes me soooo~ hungrehhh

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