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Busan, South Korea – an unplanned trip, part 1

Posted on: January 2, 2012

*warning: lots of photos!

This unplanned trip was around November 2011, and now it’s 2nd of January (=_=)~ haha by the way, I do love spontaneous trip; it involves courage, survivor skill (of course in Korea we need a bit of the language skill) and fatigue due to the spontaneity. We depart from Jaecheon (visits to Semyung University) by train and arrived at Bujeon. There are no direct train to Busan but the helpful lady at the counter inform us that we can get off at Bujeon which is not far from Haeundae Beach, and we can easily get there by train or by subway. I never knew we can get that close to Haeundae doing that. Cool~

The ride took around 4-5 hours and we arrived around 4 something in the morning. The station was empty, mostly because everybody was quickly disappeared to their destination (except for one drunken boy who is sleep-standing, red face, and falls down from time to time). We are still fatigue and hungry due to the long, uncomfortable ride decided to walk around to Bujeon market, which is, from the information I’ve looked up on the net is quite famous around Busan. This market, is not even 3 minutes walks from the station is ‘the largest downtown traditional open-air emporium and best place to buy low-cost in-season fruit and vegetables’ (says lonely planet) and yeah, I agree. It is large!

The morning market is busy with customers and sellers moving around with their goods; some on their feet, some on their motorcycle. It’s quite amazing how they arranged the dried peppers neatly! I should photographed the bean sprouts too~

This is the small prawns. It is so small, almost transparent it looks like a crawling insects~ Uhhh I can feel it crawling at the back of my neck!

Walking with an empty stomach early in the morning feels like we can eat any raw seafood on the rack. But this one shop really inviting us to see what they sell; freshly-on the spot-made fish cakes! It’s still warm, the smell is good, and the ajumma gives us fish cakes for free! LUCKY! Thank you for the free food even though we are actually wanted to buy some T.T

After the long walk, we still have no idea where to go, so we get back to Bujeon Station where we kept our bags and refreshed ourselves (the drunken boy is still there). We managed to find a tourist map, and still contemplating where we should go until one lady from the counter ask us our destination. She’s being helpful by telling us we can go straight to Haeundae Station from there (using the train, not the subway, even though both are there) and we can easily look for a motel around Haeundae Beach. So with that, we once again ride the train (I can’t remember but it took less than 20 minutes and we can see the city view).

Once we arrived, we checked for the train schedule to Seoul so that we can plan our trip and we’ve got to know that the last train from Haeundae to Cheongryangni is around 4pm, but if we go to Busan Station, the train to Seoul is every 30 minutes and the last one is at 11pm. So, we’ve decided to stay one night here and go back the next day on the last train.

*Referring to photo above* I hope Sin-chan is not giving out the bad idea of drinking to kids (=_=). By the way, we managed to find a good place to stay at. For 120,000won (is it? can’t remember much but it is around that figure) per night we manage to get a big room that can fit us all, a big bathroom which has jacuzzi and separated shower room and toilet, two computers with free internet, big flat screen TV and other standard facilities for a hotel. We get a few hours of sleep before waking up, still hungry and groggy and decided to walk around at the beach (finally!).

The beach is around 5 minutes walk from our place. For my friends, it is their first time to go to the beach, wearing jackets and long pants. The beach during the fall is quite cold and the place is deserted, unlike summer. The weather is gloomy on that day, and the sky looks like it’s gonna rain anytime. Haeundae Beach is not that big but quite long with super expensive hotel along the beach. I’ve asked one of the hotel and it cost around 300,000won for the smallest, cheapest room that can fit two person (jaw drop). I’m glad we’ve got the motel.

One of the attraction of the beach is the seagulls (unless you came here during summer time). I’ve seen many good photos taken by visitors here showing them feeding the seagulls, or simply running ‘with’ the seagulls or something similar so I took these photos. It looks like happy children playing together accompanied with the flying seagulls, isn’t it? Haha

Then they got tired and chillaxing over the beach before once again chasing the birds!

*caption* BIRDS!! I’m gonna EAT youuuuuuuuuuu~

Since we haven’t eat anything yet, we went to a nearby seafood restaurant, which is quite expensive for a grilled fish and spicy soup. I was told that the fish is expensive, that’s why the price is over the top. Anyhow, after a few rounds of extra bowl of rice we finally happy~

*caption* we are happy! (someone is missing because of height prob. Sorry :P)

Since it’s Fall season, the night come quickly and we’ve decided to go to Gwangalli Beach for its night view. We took two cabs, 3 in each for about 15-20 minutes.

There is a famous bridge called Gwangan Bridge, and along the beach is the best view of Busan (for me). There are a lot of coffee shops, clubs, dining places along this beach, and sometimes live band performing near the beach which always received warm applause from the crowd. So for those who loves the happening-night life this is one of the place you should visit!

After fighting with the cold wind for quite some time we’ve decided to go back and rest (while I did some of my homework and the rest are taking their time in the shower, the jacuzzi or just simply lying in front of the big screen TV). Around 1am we’ve decided that our stomach needs attention and to my surprise, there are a lot of restaurants around our place that still open. Look what I’ve found:

Cute? Love it with the ‘danger’ tape around its body (^-^). Everybody is so tired to take any photos so no photos for the food this time except for the video that I will not share here (me too ugly :P). After the late supper with spicy seafood soup, and fish soup we went for a walk to Haeundae (again), curious of how it look like during that hours (oh hooooo couples!). Unfortunately the rain is pouring down and we quickly headed back to our place (some went to snooker including me).

That’s it for the first day, it’s a loooooonnnngggg entry so I hope nobody’s eyes get screwed up. See you in the next part~


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