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Congratulations Ewhaians!!!

Even though we have no friends that graduated today, but the scene is overwhelming. We can feel the proud emotions radiating from  the students, parents, family and friends. We were just passing by but the flower seller blocking almost every steps that we took offering cheaper price for their goods. I almost buy one because the flower arrangement are beautiful and the price get lower because the graduation ceremony has ended. Well, maybe next time when I am not planning going out of town the next day.

Seeing this, I can’t wait for my graduation day. But the tricky part is, my family is far away and I am not sure whether they can come on that special day.

* I still have 2 years and a half to graduate (^-^)v



I’m rummaging through my albums in my IPhone and found this video of a snow falling down in front of ECC, Ewha Womans University and decided to share it here. This was taken early of this year after my friends and I had our lunch meeting and do little shopping around Ewha before heading back to our dorm. The snow is not much but it is enough to make us happy and content… hihi (^-^)

And since I am here in Malaysia for my winter break, I missed the snow and the cold weather but I know that I can’t leave here yet; so much to do and so little time left. I wish I just starting my winter break (T.T)

(Other girls has went back and only 3 of us left…)

Thanks girls~ Will definitely attend your graduation ceremony and we should party~~~

* can’t wait to get there but hate to leave here…

I was at the office yesterday, settling some documents and harassing my office mates while at it. Gosh I missed them so much we talk till after office hour. Anyway, during the Friday prayer break, I managed to get some good massage at the Heritage. Recommended by a friend, I went there actually to have lunch at Mamam de’ Cafe but as advised, I went to the upper shop lot for a massage first.

The ambient is quite calm, compared to the location of this place. The dim light helps your mind to relax while the masseuse work on your body. The price is quite cheap compared to other places, and I will definitely come to this place again if I have time.

The Heritage is located near Dang Wangi LRT station, opposite the junction to Kampung Baru and you can see the white building like above that is very near the main road. uh-oh maybe I will update the address and map later because being ‘new’ in my own homeland makes me confuse of the road name… and since I haven’t got the time to have a bite at the cafe, I will save that in my list.

*prapppppp – listen to my bones cracking

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