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The ‘little girl’ inside us scream with excitement. Thanks to Putu and her friends we obtained three tickets for the concert. It’s not a standing ticket but it is good enough!!

We arrived a bit late because of the new spring semester starts yesterday (2 March 2012) and all of us has classes to attend to. Well, since we are not holding the standing tickets, nothing to rush though… The atmosphere outside the stadium is full of excitement. We can see posters, banners, boards of Big Bang’s humongous pictures, real size standing photos of Big Bang, small ‘stages’ with projections of Big Bang’s previous concert prepared by the organizer so people can have something to do before entering the venue. We can see people wearing the Big Bang Alive hooded jumper, a few having a Taeyang look, lots of them wearing the ‘crown-shape’ head band, some wears yellow-ribbon-with blinking lights-headband, even a few wears animal costumes!

Since we are late, and outside a bit cold with the wind, we get inside and take our time to get used with the surrounding. It’s not a bad view from our seats, and we get to see everything! The most amazing part is, people come with their parents, few older people (I’m talking grandfather-old) sits among the audience, even I can see lots of male audience inside the stadium. There are a row of seats giving a ‘celebrity’ vibe, and only filled in after the main light is off. Or maybe it’s just our silly imagination :P ㅋㅋ

The concert starts with a clip of… you know, like superman thingy… the one with planet destroyed and 5 small spaceship heading to earth contained a freeze tube (you know what’s inside :P). Then 5 tubes appear on the stage, with our boys inside, and the concert begins!

I’m not good at memorizing the order of the song they sing, but what I know is that, we enjoyed it so much even though TOP is not in a good condition, no special drama parody or no special moving stage. The unique part of the concert is the live band, with all the musician wearing white, and using Ludacris – Soul headphone as well…

Even though there were many controversies that almost made them disappear from the industry, this concert which includes new songs from their new album shows that this is not the ending of their music. Not only young girls enjoy their performance, but boys, parents and even older generations having a good time as well. Lets hope they will not stop producing more good music in the future.

*not used to write a concert report. I am just storing my memory in here…


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