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Busan – 28 February 2012

Posted on: April 1, 2012

Hey. Guess I’m too attached to Busan now *grins* I went again for a 3 days 2 nights trip with friends from previous language school. That’s my third visit to Busan in a short time, but hey, I can’t get enough of it. I do, really love their food and hope I can have another getaway to Busan soon.

Well I’m gonna make a quick short entry for this one. I’m gonna skip writing about the beach, the Jagalchi Fish Market and the tower at the Busan City (been there a lot of time). This is what I enjoyed in Busan this time, and I hope I can add more to the list (^_^)

1. Sunset Hotel

This time around, since I went there with friends, I’ve decided to look for rooms in advanced (I would probably just go without plans and any booking because it is not a peak season, and still cold). I’m using Agoda, and since we wanted to enjoy our stay, we chose Sunset Hotel, Haeundae which is very near the beach. Actually it was called Ramada Busan Hotel but they renamed it and I guess it fit the hotel better. The room is very nice; clean, big enough for two, confortable bed, nice bathroom and we had a nice view of Haeundae Beach (my friend’s room have balcony! tch). And it is within 5-6 minutes walking distance to Haeundae subway station, plus a lot of restaurants and entertainment place there. Taxis are everywhere and you can get to Gwangalli Beach for around 10-15 minutes taxi ride.

2. Haeundae Market

Right across the street is Haeundae Market. Seriously, never been there even once, and didn’t notice its existence till my previous two visits to Haeundae. Since we are very hungry, we wanted to try something local, and everything must be local if you go to their traditional market, right? The market is not that big; just a small clean alley where you can immediately see seafood goods on your left and right directions and walk up a few meters more then you can see other local goods such as korean side dishes, meat, and clothes and so on. We chose a restaurant with a very tempting photos of cooked seafood and ordered grilled sea-eel and grilled varieties of shells and clams. It cost 60,000won but the food is abundant!

This is only the side dishes, and look at that! We almost full eating that only!

The grilled sea-eel. Yummy!!

The grilled varieties of shells and clams. It’s all fresh!

Hot and spicy and yummehh~

3. Dr. Coffee

Usually when we go to Busan we won’t miss Gwangalli Beach, right? The night view of the bridge is really beautiful and all the cafes and restaurants near the beach kinda added a party feeling to it. This time, (and since it’s rainy) we wanted to hang out at the coffee shop that my friend suggested to go; it’s facing Gwangalli Beach, they have delicious waffle and the place is comfy. Dr. Coffee is almost at the end of the Gwangalli beach, at the corner right beside BeansBins Coffee shop. The waiter at that time is quite (cute) shy, especially when I asked whether I can take his picture *grins*. Anyway, the waffle (ingredients?) was sold out but we are quite satisfied with their honey bread… yummss

4. 낙지볶음 (개미집) – stir fried octopus

In between our hotel and Haeundae subway station, there is this restaurant called 낙지볶음 (Nakji bokkeum – I hate romanizing Korean… It’s weird for me). Surprisingly it was really good, even though the ajumma said it would be too spicy for us (because we are foreigners, but hey, I ate spicy food more than you can think of). It look like a normal stir-fried octopus to us, and we didn’t expect much (because we can have it in Seoul too) but once you mix it with rice (we were told to mix it like we’re eating bibimbap), it’s all different! The taste is to my liking, even to my friend who can’t really eat spicy food.

5. 씨앗찹쌀호떡 – glutinous rice pancake stuffed with brown sugar and seeds

Why is it famous? Because of SeungGi (for the 1 Night 2 Days TV program). To tell you the truth, it was worth it, waiting in the long line. It tastes unique, never seen one in Seoul before and it makes a delicious dessert after our seafood buffet session at Jagalchi Fish Market (they do have desserts at the buffet but it was not enough for our black hole stomach~). The small stall situated at BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) area which is just opposite the Jagalchi Fish Market at Busan City. Although it’s a long way from Haeundae to Busan City, we had a blast~

6. 포항참가자미횟집

Okay I don’t know how to translate that, but it’s a raw fish restaurant that was actually suggested by a passing by-old woman while we are in doubt where to eat before we head back to Seoul. It’s funny we actually took her advice, and the owner with a strong Busan dialect welcome us happily. We wanted to have something that they don’t have in other place so she suggested 참가자미물회. She even teach us how to eat that. Wow. Believe me, up till now I kept thinking to go there again and have some more of those! The restaurant is very near Busan Train Station; just turn right after you get out of the train station, cross the taxis’ waiting rows and follow the photos I’m gonna show you below:

Well basically it’s a raw fish mixed with vegetables (and I think a sweet pear too), plus a special gravy that we not know of but the mixture is so refreshing and interesting. Man, I need to get some of those now~ *hungry hungry*

** next time I will write more on food… get ready!


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