Idd Salimi

…a night walk at Han River

Posted on: May 9, 2012

Hey~ it’s almost summer, and the weather is a mixture of summer and spring. The sun shines brightly and hot but it is still a windy day… I felt a little like a bear (cute one? hehe) that come out from its hibernating period and starts to enjoy the outdoor activities again… And this time, our long-missed destination is the Han river!

We went for a ‘power walk’ and happy with the atmosphere; windy, night view, a lot of people chit-chatting, having a picnic with family or friends… We starts near the National Assembly (where our bus stops), walk until passing the 63 Building and went back again, then to Handel & Gretel for a coffee.

Somebody is proposing here! Can’t see very well but there are slideshow and music playing with the water show on our way back~ So sweet and I hope the couple will live a long happy life together ^^

If you are in Seoul, and haven’t been to Han river yet, try and go at night. You can rent a bicycle here, or just strolling near the river, or go for a ferry ride. You can also have a picnic with your family and friends (and if you know how to speak Korean, you can order food on delivery). The atmosphere is so nice and I can’t wait to go there again soon.

*if you are a single girl, try not to go there alone. you will feel lonely in an instant, watching couples everywhere (=_=)


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