Idd Salimi

Dark Shadow

Posted on: May 16, 2012

A week ago (or maybe two) while I was waiting for the Avengers movie I was really surprised to know that Johnny Depp are coming out in a new film. It is either they didn’t promote the movie thoroughly or I am just an ignorant person, like I always am (=_=). Anyway, my friends and I went to watch it (and we just get back from the movie theatre, thank God the movie theatre is just behind our dormitory area), one of us had no clue what kind of movie we were gonna watch and she just tag along out of boredom, the rest just excited because it’s Johnny Depp!!

I can’t say I am fully disappointed with the movie, though. I like how Johnny Depp being Johnny Depp (even though once in a while I can say I am bored with his character lately; it is almost the same), they had a subtle ‘western’ jokes that maybe some Koreans can’t get it (or maybe because it was a midnight show and there are like less than 15 people  in the theatre; we ended up the only one cracking up on the jokes), and the picture itself is beautiful.

But at the end of the movie, there are a lot of questionable questions (huh? it’s 3 in the morning and sorry for my confusing language) arises. Why, what?? How come…? Is it a comedy? or a romantic movie? or a scary movie? What are we suppose to feel? The hatred? The family value? The love? I walked out the movie theatre feeling confused and cheated. Maybe, and it is a BIG maybe, if I watch this movie during the day I can fully enjoy it but for now, I don’t think I can spend another 8,000won to watch this movie again in the theatre. I just hope the movie will pick one very strong story line and develop it towards the end instead of mixing everything and left the audience with nothing to grab on.

But well, maybe it was the objective of the story..?

*cracking my head trying to figure out the hidden message but I guess I will go back watching Korean variety show before going to bed… lalalala~


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