Idd Salimi

i Bubble Beans

Posted on: June 13, 2012

Nope. It’s not another Apple product. Since a few months ago, Seoul was infected with bubble tea fever (actually, not sure about other places because I haven’t go out that much, more like around my university area). You can see bubble tea shop in every corner, in fact, there are more than 5 shops that offered bubble tea in front of Ewha Womans University main gate. But so far my favorite is i Bubble Beans ^^

Situated in one of the alley near Ewha main gate, this shop offers varieties of bubble tea (although not everything is tea). My favorite would be Choco Taro, Choco Smoothie, and Mocha Smoothie. Its summer here and you can see almost everybody holding a smoothie/ice blended drink in their hand while walking.

The place is quite small but very comfortable to just sit down and relax from the hot summer sun, reading or chit-chatting with friends. If you come near Ewha area, why don’t you give it a try (plus, the staff is quite cute and generous with smile ^^)

*happily full*


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