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Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival 2012

Posted on: July 8, 2012

This is suppose to be my ‘winter’ post but yeah, I am too busy with stuff or just too lazy to do anything even after the semester ended. So here goes… Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival were held annually around March (it is not winter anymore but sometime it’s still snowing and it is still very cold) and it offers well, lots of crabs and other seafood goods. It is located not far from Busan (on the map) and around 4 hours 20 mins from Dong-Seoul bus terminal to reach there. You can read more of it here:

Visit Korea page


Once we arrived at Yeongdeok bus terminal, we bought a ticket back to Seoul immediately so that we can make it to Seoul on the same day. Even though they have intercity bus, we took a cab to the event to not waste any time waiting for the bus. The cab fare is around 12,000won. Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival is located on a hill (?) but near the sea so it is windy and very cold, but the view is quite nice.

Since we had a very limited time (to catch our bus) we hunt for the crab first! It was pretty confusing because people are always crowded around something that we can’t see clearly and we don’t know how things work; from the crab buying to cooking and eating place. So here what you have to do:

1. Choose the crabs

They sell it in bulk (means you can’t buy one, and why the hell did you want to buy only one? it’s cheap here), and basically they have two types of crabs, the snowcrabs (the one with the slim-long legs) and the king crabs (bulky body, bulky legs). Snowcrabs is cheaper than the king crab (maybe I get the name wrong, so sorry for that but it’s either two, and logically the size will give you an idea which one is more expensive). I had a king crab in Busan before Yeongdeok Snowcrab Festival, and the price is around 65,000~75,000won per crab (maybe I used a weird term here =_=), but it depends on how much the crab weigh actualy. But here during the festival, is much more cheaper.

One row of 5-6 crabs is around… errr… I can’t really remember that (-why I left this thing too long???) maybe 100~120,000won? Haha anyway, it’s cheaper than other place because it’s a festival! You can negotiate the price too and we get one extra crab because we can speak Korean(?). I can see that at that time not many foreigners are there, plus the guy is quite surprise when we  speak Korean to him~ Anyway, from him we get to know how we can enjoy our snowcrab on that spot ^^

2. Steam the crabs

We need to get in line and pay around 10,000won to steam the crabs here. They will give you a number and they will call your number once it’s done. At that time, you have to be fast to grab a table (because there are a lot of people over there), some of us are waiting for the crabs and some of us figuring out what other food can we have over there. If you are not going to eat it here you can always ask them to steam and pack it for you.

Photos above: while waiting for the crabs~

3. Eat the crabs (obviously)

The cool thing at this place is the waitress teaches us how to cut the crabs so we can eat it easily, plus if you want the crab rice after that, you have to leave the crab-shell-body part. The crabs may not make you full at the instant but we want to save some space for other food too and it is okay I guess. Photos below: yummy isn’t it? ^^

After the tasty and challenging (for some people, heh) crab-eating session, we get around to look for more food that we can eat :D

Photo above: They call it 영덕대게빵, errr… I don’t know how to translate it but basically it has red bean paste inside like taiyaki in Japan. I love it! The weather is cold and the food is hot, perfect!

Photos above: Snowcrab kimbab. Yummeh~ We bought one and we ate it in a flash @_@

Photo above: Seafood pancake. Crispy on the outer part and soft inside.. Perfect food in a cold weather.

When it’s time to go back to the bus terminal, we realized that it is hard to get a cab over there. You need to walk down and wait but since we are kinda late, we asked for help from the policeman on duty and we are very thankful for their kind action and the cab ajossi(s) <- (weird term!! haha) that are actually on duty (they are controlling the traffic and I think they act as a committee too, helping the authorities) drove us safely back to the terminal.

Thats all… our delicious trip to Yeongdeok. Hope to be there next year too~


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