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Sushi in Sushi, Hongdae

Posted on: July 11, 2012

Yay! At last, I’ve been to the famous sushi buffet in Hongdae (famous, as in a lot of people doesn’t mind waiting in a long queue, but the taste may not comparable to the fresh-near-the-beach, or any other expensive places in Korea). How to get there: from Hongdae Subway station exit 9, turn left (if you are not familiar with Hongdae, the road will be filled with food stall and hat/accessories/socks stall) then turn right at the first junction (landmark – Dunkin Donut). Then go straight, look for the Sushi in Sushi sign on your left, and since the shop is on the 2nd floor, be careful not to miss it.

My friend said usually people will queue starting from the beginning of the stairs but we are lucky we arrived a bit early than the peak hour.

When you are in, the waiter will placed the bill on the table, and you have the duration to eat; 1 hour 30 mins. Well, I guess it is enough for a few round of sushi and it is quite fair for the other waiting customers.

I love salmon a lot and I don’t really care about other desserts or side food they had. Yum~

The price for adult during lunch is 10,900won. Dinner 13,900won and during the weekend the price is fixed to 13,900won. Compared to the sushi buffet in Sinchon, I love this a lot because of its abundant sushi, and they refill really quick. But here’s the catch; you have to finish everything on your plate or else they will charge you for that. Well, don’t be greedy ;) The waiter will pick up your empty plate and they will remind you 10 mins before your time is out. Heh sounds like norebang…

All in all, it was worth it ^^. Lets go again~


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