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This is our favourite grilled fish restaurant. I bet if you lived around Sinchon, or Yonsei University, or Ewha University, or even Hongdae this place is quite famous. It is near U-Plex and Hyundai shopping complex area but the thing is, I can’t exactly draw the map to the restaurant. It’s quite confusing because this area is full of restaurants and 술집, and the fact that this restaurant from outside doesn’t look like a restaurant (unless you see the signboard above). Well I hope the picture above can help if you wanted to come here though :D

From the left is the standard 반찬 (banchan) you get if you dine in any Korean restaurant but except for the kimchi, the other two is always changing (I must be coming to the restaurant a lot to know about that). Anyway, we ordered 오징어 볶음 (spicy stir-fried squid), 생선 구이 (grilled fish) and 된장 찌개 (soy-bean paste soup).

The grilled fish is pretty much the same with other places’ grilled fish, but I guess it is bigger and cheap for that size. Usually we ordered one grilled fish, 2 servings of stir-fried squid and one 찌개 (to be eaten for 4-5 persons) and it cost around 5,000-6,000 per person. Unlike other places, the soy-bean paste soup is full of clams and some sort of snails (siput sedut…?) not quite sure what it is and it is a bit spicy, I guess to make balance with the grilled fish ‘fishy’ taste. The grilled fish is tender and juicy, and people here ate it with soy sauce mixed with wasabi. But I like it with the spicy sauce from stir-fried squid dish. Yum~

To compliment the fish, they served cool tea and don’t be surprised if they don’t give you any cups for that. Instead they used some sort of bowl (that look like a normal korean rice bowl) to drink the tea. The staff look scary-looking but they are actually friendly and serve you fast enough you can’t even complaint (나쁜 남자 처럼 T.T). The restaurant is full with pictures of the staff and customers which makes me feel warm enough and cozy despite the limited chairs and tables (especially during the peak hours).

There. It almost makes me feel hungry. Need to study for my final Korean Language test next week… OTL


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