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We went to National Folk Museum, the one that is near Gyeongbok Palace on Chuseok. It was my first time to actually celebrating Chuseok at somewhere (usually too lazy to go out because almost everything was closed on that day), and this year I’m glad to be somewhere ^^ (thanks to k Gibb and fellow Hanyang exchange students).

Every year there are places that held an event to celebrate Chuseok with foreigners (especially) and Seoul residents who are not going back to their hometown, and National Folk Museum is one of them. The event actually starts on weekend, until Tuesday (end of Chuseok holiday) and we chose to attend on that particular Chuseok day (we went to Namsangol for Chuseok eve).

I am actually quite lazy to upload the photos but I have recorded some performance there (will eventually upload it sooner or later because thats quite an experience to share with – sharing is caring ^^)

ok~ will upload the photos soon~ (homework oh homework)

**Chuseok was on 12th September (Monday)


Hi! It’s not too late to wish Happy Chuseok isn’t it? Chuseok or Han-gawi is a Korean Thanksgiving and actually a harvest celebration. So basically we get 3 days off; before, during, after that special day. Unfortunately the eve starts on Sunday and we get Monday (the Chuseok day) and Tuesday’s off (no class, yippe!). Well unlike previous years, I’ve decided to go out and enjoy the holiday with some friends and I am glad I did.

So on Sunday (heh lucky I did message this guy or else I might be bored to death staring at the wall) we’ve met at Chungmuro Station (exit 3) to go to Namsan Hanok Village (or Namsangol). I thought I was late but I am the first one to arrive (=_=) but hey, I get a good alone time in place besides my university area and it feels good. Then after they’ve arrived we decided to fill in our tank first and we went to eat at Mr. Pizza.

Lucky!! We didn’t even know that on that day they held some kind of event for Chuseok (our initial plan is to try Hanbok and have fun taking pictures…). Visitors can experienced Korean traditional games, farming method, and stuff (can’t find the correct words because my brain had a battle between Malay, Korean and English words) but I shared pictures! Haha~

Well I’m sure we’ve seen this in other countries too… but what amused me was how Korean parents bring their children and have fun together at an event like this.

After that we moved to the performance area because whatever it is, it’s going to start. For a warm-up, the MC ask volunteers from the audience to play Jegichagi where you use your feet to kick the stuff up in the air and prevent it from falling on the ground. One of our friend (in the photo) is trying (yeah, it is the same in our country too).

And the performances begins! First they have this Korean mix with modern drum playing and of course, what is an event without Samulnori (ops I forgot to upload the photo, but next time..) then they have participation from the audience (again, our friend) hehe~

After the performance ended we continue our visit to other attractions. The girls in above photo is really good at jumping on that see-saw thing.

In front of the theater (wrong entrance.. kekeke)

Tuho (throwing the ‘arrow’ inside the target)

How they make rope

Pengi, Korean spinning top (gasing)

At one of the houses. Feels like visiting your grandma during the holiday.

Now our destination! Trying the Hanbok (korean traditional dress). For only 3,000won you can wear a Hanbok and if there are not many people at that time you can have your own sweet time taking photos until the ajumma chase you out (joking-but maybe it’s true) haha~ -photo above: king in the making

Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The hidden story.

Two kings on one throne.

Love, betrayal and power; who will win?

The happiness before the tragedy

…and the one suffer the lost…

Ok ok I went a bit far… haha but it’s fun! Honestly, I am not regretting anything even though I’m so tired I wish I was home watching something on the net.

Well it’s getting late and the Semyung-ians have to go back to Jecheon (and praying the tickets is not sold out yet due to Chuseok). I decided to follow the others to see them off at DongSeoul Express terminal. It does feel sending someone back to their hometown during the festive holiday (funny).

Buh-bye~ don’t cry in the bus ^^. Then we went to Sinchon to have dinner (at the grilled fish restaurant in previous post). I managed to ask Putu and Atri out to join us and after dinner (no photos, we were too hungry) we went to talk a walk around Hongdae.

And that sum up my Chuseok eve. How did you spent yours?

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