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hey, it’s been… what? almost a month since I’ve updated this blog… I wanted to update it, believe me! but what with the final exam, our moving to a new dorm, it’s been quite a while… hey hey heyyy… it’s been almost 2 weeks since we left Hanwoori Hall and hello Graduate Dormitory! It means new roomate (holla!), and our grad-student life begins! Well for those who haven’t seen Hanwoori Hall yet, here’s some photos:

This was taken near our emergency exit (it does have the feeling of emergency here). The truth is, I’m shaking, people! It has this platform enough for two person to stand and a ladder hole(?) to get down. But the view is nice, isn’t it? In a good day we can even see Namsan Tower from here… nice view, nice view…

I am too~~ lazy to resize it. Haha~ this is in front of Hanwoori Hall, and the view around it. This is Seoul, people! From a higher view…

Putu and her acting… pfft… it’s the view from our lounge, on 5th floor… nice view but t’was pretty hot that day… We did snap lots of photos but I guess I’m too lazy to put up everything here…

…and last but not least… our stuff!! 1 year staying here is enough to make a whole lot of treasure (?) 1 person own more than 9 boxes, not including luggage… we did have a mover though, but surprisingly he only drive a pick up truck (imagine a small lorry with an open end). Haha~~ but we had our fun, helping the ajossi by pushing our trolleys near the truck and some of us are waiting at the grad dorm to help organize the stuff (but someone didn’t, just waiting for her own stuff near the truck-tch, not helping at all…).

By the way, with the moving and all, I realized that we are not alone… even though we rarely see each other, when those time comes, we can depend on each other… thanks girls… and the best part is, we don’t have CURFEW anymore!!!!! muahahahaha

p/s: wanna go out and play but sadly we didn’t received our allowance yet… sad…

**update – this is our Hanwoori Hall look like:


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