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It’s been a while since I did something here. Believe me, one of my new year’s resolution is blogging (if possible), at least every week. But it seems that this whole language studying thing is done me harm (not really, I think I tried to find me excuse) because now I am panicking with the coming grad school admission next month. I think I’ve lost connection with my research area (or rather lost interest…?), and it is hard for me to trace it back. Should I do that, or should I do this…? Hey do you know that people can get tired of what they really wanted to do? No, I don’t know.

Sorry for my not-important rumbling. Actually this post is about my ex-student’s new animation series for his company (okay I didn’t say he done it alone, just wanted to share the series). Lets check it out:

Hope that they can come out with the other stories fast!

Dear students, I never tell you guys how proud I am of you. Where ever you are, what ever you do (don’t do the crime, I will not proud of that) I hope that you can do your best and you are always welcome to share your ups and downs with me.

Last but not least; welcome Ramadhan! Even though I was hoping that I can welcome you with my families and friends this year, I have a duty to be fulfilled and I hope it will not be an empty sacrifice *sob*


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