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It’s about 1 and a half years since I came back to my hometown. I really feel like a tourist in my homeland. Some of you might say I’ve not been away for that long, yes, I agree but within that time so many things happened; to Malaysia, and to me. While I try to enjoy my school holiday and finishes some errand, I would rather say that I am not that surprise how things changed. Not only how you travel to places, but also how I feel inside. It’s all mixed up and somehow I get kinda stress when I first arrived here. Anyway, since my friend Yelin came to spend her short vacation here, I took this chance to travel around and perhaps revising my perception and feelings towards things around me. Wow, never thought I would say something like that.

Since I am quite lazy to edit photos of our vacation to Langkawi and Melaka yet, I thought of sharing our short trip to Putrajaya; Malaysia’s new Federal Government Administrative Centre. And since I am too lazy to write about Putrajaya, you can view the information of Putrajaya here

I can’t say that we’ve arranged a trip just to take photos of Putrajaya but it is more to dinner outing at Taman Warisan and since we live very near to Putrajaya, we’ve decided to show Yelin Putrajaya’s night view.

(Photo above) Yelin with the bridge background. It is also my first time hanging out here, and they say I am more ‘tourist’ than Yelin. Couldn’t agree more~

(Photo above) Putra Mosque, or the ‘pink’ mosque. They were lots of families bringing their kids and hang out around here at night.

(Photo above) Perdana Putra, the Prime Minister’s Department Complex at night. Yelin said it looks like Aladdin’s castle or something similar ^^

Well, didn’t get lots of photos of Putrajaya but I am sure to come back here for more…

And thanks a lot to ‘Mak Angkat Capoks’ for bringing us here :D

* me a tourist at her own homeland. confused and lost


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