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Hey~ it’s almost summer, and the weather is a mixture of summer and spring. The sun shines brightly and hot but it is still a windy day… I felt a little like a bear (cute one? hehe) that come out from its hibernating period and starts to enjoy the outdoor activities again… And this time, our long-missed destination is the Han river!

We went for a ‘power walk’ and happy with the atmosphere; windy, night view, a lot of people chit-chatting, having a picnic with family or friends… We starts near the National Assembly (where our bus stops), walk until passing the 63 Building and went back again, then to Handel & Gretel for a coffee.

Somebody is proposing here! Can’t see very well but there are slideshow and music playing with the water show on our way back~ So sweet and I hope the couple will live a long happy life together ^^

If you are in Seoul, and haven’t been to Han river yet, try and go at night. You can rent a bicycle here, or just strolling near the river, or go for a ferry ride. You can also have a picnic with your family and friends (and if you know how to speak Korean, you can order food on delivery). The atmosphere is so nice and I can’t wait to go there again soon.

*if you are a single girl, try not to go there alone. you will feel lonely in an instant, watching couples everywhere (=_=)


Hey, do you have any idea where is the first Starbucks in South Korea located? My friends and I heard of it so many times from our professors, being proud of it and sometimes bragging about it to others. It’s none other than Starbucks in front of Ewha Womans University! Before this we don’t have any cool evidence about it but it seems recently they put the big shiny round thingy inside the store. I would love it if they put it outside, but yeah, inside is cool too. You can find related articles in these websites:

*sorry for bragging. had a serious sugar rush. hick.


Have you ever wonder where we can choose fresh seafood and have it cook at the same place in Seoul? Well, introducing Noryangjin Fish Market!! It is right at Noryangjin Subway Station Line 1 (well you can get off at Noryangjin Line 9 too) and just follow the signboard that says ‘Noryangjin Fish Market’. It’s like a fiesta where everyone try to grab you and sell you their fresh yummy goods! (Suddenly I turned deaf and my Korean skill is not good.. haha)

Yummy isn’t it? I wish I can get my hands on those big fat yummy crabs and prawns! For the big crab it was like 50,000won per kilo and I guess it would be my most expensive one crab if I was crazy enough to buy one… heheh (I can be crazy enough to do that…). 10 of us chose to buy 2 big fishes, small prawns, small crabs, and some squids. It cost around 120,000won, and one ajumma bring us to the restaurant where we can get our 물고기to be cooked. I guess most of the places linked with the restaurants’ owner because I can see that they reserved a table for us.

The small plate on the right is a raw fish, cut from our fresh fish and the rest they put it in the fish soup (매운탕). Half of us finishes the raw fish in lightning speed and half of us decided to put the raw one into the soup… They grilled our prawns, which I think they cooked it too long, steamed our squids and crabs which are okay and the fish soup is… just okay (compared to other fish soup I’ve tasted so far).

It’s a new exciting experience for me, especially I only knew the existence of this place through words of mouth and only yesterday had the chance to go there. Thanks for the new friends that are willing to wait for me (I’m a bit late, drowsy because of the cold and flu and the taxi driver kept asking me questions just because I knew some Koreans and the traffic is also making me wanted to throw up right then…). Even though it is cold and I am not feeling well to enjoy the food, I am very thankful for them bringing me here so that I can bring other friends here too! yay! Mission accomplished!

The surprise part is… (drum rolls~) the cost of us having our food cooked there is around 117,000won! Almost the same as our seafood price altogether… @_@ well I guess now we know, maybe we have other options other than having our goods cooked there… But, I will definitely come here again ^^ Who wants to join me?

*me think my med and seafood is not compatible with each other… =_=

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