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Okay here’s the second day of our unplanned trip. We woke up by the ajumma’s phone call reminding us the check-out time is at 10am (because we checked-in at 10am previous day) around 9.30am. Well it’s amazing seeing 6 of us taking shower and getting ready in 30 minutes!

After so much hassle in the morning we went to have breakfast at Coffine Gurunaru which is near the station. Unlike our usual fancy Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Roti Canai… (and the list goes on) we had coffees and thick bread with whipped cream as our breakfast. Now, why should I mentioned that? It’s 10.46pm and I am hungriehhhhhh~ Be patient, stomach… in a few days we will get what we’ve missed for this 1 and a half years… ANYWAY, after our healthy breakfast, we went to Haeundae Subway Station to keep our bags in the locker for our next destination, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. It is rare for a temple to be build near the shoreline, most temples in Korea are located in the mountain. To go there, you can take a bus number 181 at Haeundae subway station exit 7 and get off at ‘Yonggungsa Temple’. You won’t miss it because there is some sign on the bus, and usually the bus driver will inform you the stops if you tell him where do you want to get off. It took around 20-25minutes to get there from the Haeundae bus stop.

From the sign (refer photo above) we still need to walk for another 10-15minutes but don’t worry, you don’t have to do any hiking or climbing to reach there. Just follow along the road and you will reach a small market and you will immediately know that you are almost there. Follow the sign (or the crowd) and voila!

Unique dragon head lamp post along the road

The Chinese Zodiac animal line up along the road to the temple

This boy really love his horse :P

The temple from afar

Can you feel it? Can you imagine the tranquility of this place? I was just imagine there is a small village built in this kind of environment, far away from the city where everything is less complicated~ *sorry almost fell asleep*

Friends that lend you their hand is a friend indeed… :)

Can you find them? Funny when it’s getting colder people tend to wear something dark – black. Why?

Okay! Still! No swimming okay?

From Busan with LOVE~

Okay, after that we’ve decided to went back to Busan city. From Haeundae subway station, we’ve got help from a curious-kind hearted ajossi who give us a small subway map and pointed out exactly where we should transfer and get off. It took around 40-45 minutes from Haeundae to Busan station. The subway is a bit smaller compared to Seoul’s and the time interval is a bit longer.

After we’ve arrived, we checked and buy the tickets to make sure none of us will be standing all the way to Seoul (from previous lesson) and since it is still too early, (and we are hungry) we kept our bags in the locker and went to check-out nearby places.

The first thing came to our view is the signboard of China Town. We figure it’s a foreigner area so we might have luck with halal restaurant around here.

Maybe because it’s a weekdays, the street looks deserted, lots of shops looks gloomy. Most of the restaurants are Chinese restaurants, but we’ve found Russian (and maybe Mongolian..?) restaurant here and there but we’ve got no luck with any halal restaurant.We only found a mart that sells halal food and it is new but unfortunately no restaurant for our empty stomach :(

We ended up having Lotteria for dinner and move to another market called Gukje Market (국제시장) which resemble a lot like Namdaemun in Seoul. To get there we ride the subway and get off at Jagalchi Station, went out at exit 7, walk a bit before turn left and go straight. Unfortunately the market is near closing time but we managed to buy some very cheap T-shirts that we won’t get in Seoul at that price.

Then we went to an area which resemble Myeong-dong, it is called Gwangbok-ro Shopping Street (광복로쇼핑거리). The street is full with brand names and coffee shops and full of youngsters. Around here you can get to Yongdusan Park which is up on the hill but don’t worry, they have escalators for that! Unfortunately most of us are too tired to snap photos and I can’t find photos around this place in my camera :P

I guess that’s all. The thing I love about this trip are the facilities and information provided by the tourist center. We can always keep our bags in the locker (it is quite big, and cheap too), we can rely on the information given on the map, the staff at the ticket counter is very helpful (they are also aware of other information like places of attractions, motel, etc) and the transportation is good. Even I am the only one who can understand and speak a bit Korean, we’ve managed to enjoy our unplanned trip successfully (yeah, maybe lack of planning lead to time wasting here and there but hey, we all aware of the risk!). Overall, we get our lazy bums to Seoul feel refresh and our relationship is closer than before. I miss them already~

*I will update another Busan trip which took place recently around Christmas.


*warning: lots of photos!

This unplanned trip was around November 2011, and now it’s 2nd of January (=_=)~ haha by the way, I do love spontaneous trip; it involves courage, survivor skill (of course in Korea we need a bit of the language skill) and fatigue due to the spontaneity. We depart from Jaecheon (visits to Semyung University) by train and arrived at Bujeon. There are no direct train to Busan but the helpful lady at the counter inform us that we can get off at Bujeon which is not far from Haeundae Beach, and we can easily get there by train or by subway. I never knew we can get that close to Haeundae doing that. Cool~

The ride took around 4-5 hours and we arrived around 4 something in the morning. The station was empty, mostly because everybody was quickly disappeared to their destination (except for one drunken boy who is sleep-standing, red face, and falls down from time to time). We are still fatigue and hungry due to the long, uncomfortable ride decided to walk around to Bujeon market, which is, from the information I’ve looked up on the net is quite famous around Busan. This market, is not even 3 minutes walks from the station is ‘the largest downtown traditional open-air emporium and best place to buy low-cost in-season fruit and vegetables’ (says lonely planet) and yeah, I agree. It is large!

The morning market is busy with customers and sellers moving around with their goods; some on their feet, some on their motorcycle. It’s quite amazing how they arranged the dried peppers neatly! I should photographed the bean sprouts too~

This is the small prawns. It is so small, almost transparent it looks like a crawling insects~ Uhhh I can feel it crawling at the back of my neck!

Walking with an empty stomach early in the morning feels like we can eat any raw seafood on the rack. But this one shop really inviting us to see what they sell; freshly-on the spot-made fish cakes! It’s still warm, the smell is good, and the ajumma gives us fish cakes for free! LUCKY! Thank you for the free food even though we are actually wanted to buy some T.T

After the long walk, we still have no idea where to go, so we get back to Bujeon Station where we kept our bags and refreshed ourselves (the drunken boy is still there). We managed to find a tourist map, and still contemplating where we should go until one lady from the counter ask us our destination. She’s being helpful by telling us we can go straight to Haeundae Station from there (using the train, not the subway, even though both are there) and we can easily look for a motel around Haeundae Beach. So with that, we once again ride the train (I can’t remember but it took less than 20 minutes and we can see the city view).

Once we arrived, we checked for the train schedule to Seoul so that we can plan our trip and we’ve got to know that the last train from Haeundae to Cheongryangni is around 4pm, but if we go to Busan Station, the train to Seoul is every 30 minutes and the last one is at 11pm. So, we’ve decided to stay one night here and go back the next day on the last train.

*Referring to photo above* I hope Sin-chan is not giving out the bad idea of drinking to kids (=_=). By the way, we managed to find a good place to stay at. For 120,000won (is it? can’t remember much but it is around that figure) per night we manage to get a big room that can fit us all, a big bathroom which has jacuzzi and separated shower room and toilet, two computers with free internet, big flat screen TV and other standard facilities for a hotel. We get a few hours of sleep before waking up, still hungry and groggy and decided to walk around at the beach (finally!).

The beach is around 5 minutes walk from our place. For my friends, it is their first time to go to the beach, wearing jackets and long pants. The beach during the fall is quite cold and the place is deserted, unlike summer. The weather is gloomy on that day, and the sky looks like it’s gonna rain anytime. Haeundae Beach is not that big but quite long with super expensive hotel along the beach. I’ve asked one of the hotel and it cost around 300,000won for the smallest, cheapest room that can fit two person (jaw drop). I’m glad we’ve got the motel.

One of the attraction of the beach is the seagulls (unless you came here during summer time). I’ve seen many good photos taken by visitors here showing them feeding the seagulls, or simply running ‘with’ the seagulls or something similar so I took these photos. It looks like happy children playing together accompanied with the flying seagulls, isn’t it? Haha

Then they got tired and chillaxing over the beach before once again chasing the birds!

*caption* BIRDS!! I’m gonna EAT youuuuuuuuuuu~

Since we haven’t eat anything yet, we went to a nearby seafood restaurant, which is quite expensive for a grilled fish and spicy soup. I was told that the fish is expensive, that’s why the price is over the top. Anyhow, after a few rounds of extra bowl of rice we finally happy~

*caption* we are happy! (someone is missing because of height prob. Sorry :P)

Since it’s Fall season, the night come quickly and we’ve decided to go to Gwangalli Beach for its night view. We took two cabs, 3 in each for about 15-20 minutes.

There is a famous bridge called Gwangan Bridge, and along the beach is the best view of Busan (for me). There are a lot of coffee shops, clubs, dining places along this beach, and sometimes live band performing near the beach which always received warm applause from the crowd. So for those who loves the happening-night life this is one of the place you should visit!

After fighting with the cold wind for quite some time we’ve decided to go back and rest (while I did some of my homework and the rest are taking their time in the shower, the jacuzzi or just simply lying in front of the big screen TV). Around 1am we’ve decided that our stomach needs attention and to my surprise, there are a lot of restaurants around our place that still open. Look what I’ve found:

Cute? Love it with the ‘danger’ tape around its body (^-^). Everybody is so tired to take any photos so no photos for the food this time except for the video that I will not share here (me too ugly :P). After the late supper with spicy seafood soup, and fish soup we went for a walk to Haeundae (again), curious of how it look like during that hours (oh hooooo couples!). Unfortunately the rain is pouring down and we quickly headed back to our place (some went to snooker including me).

That’s it for the first day, it’s a loooooonnnngggg entry so I hope nobody’s eyes get screwed up. See you in the next part~

It’s almost August, and I just get the motivation to post about the travel today. Well thanks to the non-stop down pouring rain I have nothing to do at home. The one-day trip started on a nice summer day; we believed it was. We took the subway from our university:

> transfer at line 7 (Sangbong)    > to Gyeongchunson line (경춘선) which head to Chuncheon (춘천)   > stop at Cheongpyeong (청평)

It took about 92 minutes travel time, or you can take other public transportation as stated below:

By Train: Take train for Chuncheon from Cheongnyangri or Seongbuk Station, get off at Cheongpyeong Station. (train and subway is a two different method. If you choose to travel by train, you must purchase a ticket, and traveling time is shorter)

By Bus: Get on a bus for Cheongpyeong from DongSeoul bus terminal or Sangbong terminal, and get off at Cheongpyeong terminal.

After we get off at Cheongpyeong station, we took a bus direct to Petite France. By the way, the bus terminal is quite far but within walking distance. Make sure you get a map and info at the Information Center or you might miss the bus. The bus is like 1 – 1 and a half hour each.

At last! Welcome to Petite France! It’s a busy day. Lots of buses and I think they have some family day or something over. Lots of kids, balloons, families etc. The entrance fee is 8,000won, and we are busy taking pictures even before we got in.

It was a nice sunny day. The problem is it become too hot and too sunny. I didn’t even know whether my pictures are overexposed or not. Luckily it was set to auto ^.^

There were a few food-selling place in here. I was looking forward to taste some France cuisine but disappointed when all they have are two kind of pastas and pork cutlet at the restaurant. Believe me, it was a korean-taste pasta and we ate it because we were too hungry (and hot). But just now when I visit their website they shows some other menus but I think to be safe, just eat something somewhere before you came here.

This place is basically resembling a traditional France Village and they brought the stuff from France too (just hope they really have the France food here :( – still disappointed about the food). This is also the place where they shoot Beethoven Virus, Secret Garden (the first time they met at the film set) and Running Man. The funny thing is I’ve only watched Running Man after I got back from there and was jumping up and down because I was there earlier! (sounds stupid but…) Anyhow it’s an old episode of Running Man but still, I am glad I was there… huhuhu~ Maybe later I will write about our trip to Gangwondo because of 1 Night 2 Days program :P

Hot summer! A hot hot summer!

Oh by the way, Petite France also offers a France style accommodation. If you are interested you can go to the website and do the booking. It’s a nice place with a nice view, and around there they have a dam and you can play water sport over there. But the problem is, if you are not driving it is hard to move around with the bus. As I mentioned earlier, the bus is like 1-1 and half hour each.

So after so much suffering (from the heat) we decided to move to our next location, Nami Island. For those who watched Winter Sonata, this is the place where they have their famous scene (I don’t watch it so I don’t know). Anyway, we asked the ticket counter for the taxi contact number because it will be lots of hassle if we took the bus and the train again. One taxi cost around 18,000won (with the meter, and trust me it is not bad) and we divided it to 4 people so it is okay. The taxi driver was kind enough to show us where we can purchase our tickets and the ride is quite smooth, considering the hills and zigzag (or S lines…?) road.

Actually I can’t really remember how much the ferry cost but it is either 10,000won or 8,000won. Because of the hot summer, I am really looking forward to stay under the tree shades.. huhu. By the way, I was shocked to see the bungee jump here. Hey, it’s one of 1 Night 2 Days place where Lee Seung Gi can’t do the jump and Kim C saves the day :). I wouldn’t dare to try though.

Hey, Selamat Datang! After about 5 minutes ferry ride we were here! And how glad I am to be here, with a lot of shades haha ^^.

The shape of Nami Island resembled a half moon shape. It was actually not an island until they have the dam built and gets the fame because of Winter Sonata drama. You can travel around by renting a bicycle (they have single, family, and the one that looks like electric-standing wheel – oh… you know what I meant, or not) at a reasonable price. I want one too since it’s quite irritating to walk because of the heat but we ended up walking around the island.

The famous snowman (or not, I don’t know… I don’t watch it, remember?). Well I suppose it will be more beautiful if you come here on winter. I was planning to come here when there it is snowing but never got the chance (it’s either too cold to walk or just it’s more comfortable staying in a warm room).

The famous trees that come out beautifully in the drama (I look at the pictures :P) and yes, it will be more beautiful with the white snow.

For those who wants to escape from city life, they also provide accommodation along the island which face to the lake. It doesn’t have TV or internet line so you can concentrate on resting and play with you friends and family. They also provide barbecue place (because we love barbecue aren’t we?) or you can eat at one of their restaurants here, which according to my friend, it is new unlike the previous time they have only dosirak.

There. I still have lots of pictures but I guess lets keep it a bit mystery (plus too lazy to resize all). And oh, from there take a taxi to the nearest train station (Gapyeong) for around 2,400won or more and wallah! I am sure you can find your way back to Seoul again. Ok. Spent too much energy for this. Need to rest. Need to eat the cakes my friends brought me. Nyam nyam~~

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