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Few weeks before we have this ‘장마’ (Jangma – rainy season during the summer) and it was uncomfortable. It was a hot summer, and it was rainy, which make you feel like in the sauna or something. Plus, it makes your body sticky with sweat and what not and guess what, I never wanted a hot summer sun more than this time before. Well, luckily it ended and we have the sun back.

And hey, guess what, it come back again! This time it’s raining heavily, in a short time, non-stop (does it make sense?). By the way, it caused more trouble than the previous one. My friends and I can’t even go out and celebrate someone’s birthday (sorry T.T) and some area have a serious flood problems. Just take a look at this picture (which was taken from the online newspaper site)

Here is the ‘한강’ (Han River). The river line shouldn’t be that close. It was suppose to have some sort of park and road. Scary (>.<)

While I am writing, the rain starts again. The wind blows so hard I can’t even open my window.

Never thought the flood will get this serious.

I hope the rain stops soon, even though in the weather forecast stated that we will have the rain till this Friday. Oh rain, rain go away, come again another day… I want to go out and play~~

For anybody who wants to make a trip to Seoul, if it is possible check the weather forecast (from Korea’s source, not Yahoo or something, it might be a little off), or ask somebody’s currently in here, or else you will end up eating instant food in your room…


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