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Happy New Year~ Well for me New Year is just another number. Nothing special, especially when…~~ well lets have a look at what we have here! It’s been a looooooooooonngggg time since I’ve updated this blog after the Noryangjin fish market introduction. So I guess it’s time for another treat to our eyes (and stomach). I’ve heard about this so called Belgium waffle, the best  Belgium waffle in Seoul for quite some time but haven’t had the chance to try it before. So it’s finally here, they’ve opened the store near our place (Sinchon) and we finally get to taste one ^^

It is said that this is the finest Belgium waffle we can find in Korea. I haven’t had the chance to taste Belgium waffle before so personally I can’t compare, and I doubted it the Belgium will say the same. However, it may a good varieties for Koreans who loves tasty treats after the meal or just need some place with free Wi-Fi to chill (or just smooching with your love ones).

It has this ‘warm’ environment (maybe because of the lighting or just simply it’s too cold outside), welcoming gestures from the staff, clean place and bathroom and of course, free Wi-fi. So even though you come in with friends you can either spend your time talking, or browsing through your smartphone looking at your Facebook or Twitter updates (hah I’m being sarcastic! *rolling eyes*).

For 4,300won, I get a set of waffle + ice cream, and my friend ordered the waffle + coffee latte (the coffee is up to Korean standard; very bitter, and it became one of my liking since I stayed in Korea). The waffle, is quite chewy compared to normal crunchy waffle we’ve had and it had some kind of sugar glazed on one side of the waffle. It’s not fancy like Waffle it Up place… but I guess it is okay. So, Waffle Bant anyone?

*nyam nyam~


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