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Last Friday my friends and I was craving for Thai food (more like we are bored with the usual, Korean food). Anyway, we’ve planned to go to the Thai buffet restaurant but cancelled it because everybody can’t wake up early enough to rush to the restaurant hopefully we can make it one day). But then we don’t want our precious given one day holiday to be wasted so we went to another Thai restaurant; Wang Thai at Itaewon. From Itaewon subway station we get off at exit 1, walk straight for a few hundred meters (can’t tell you correctly, I am very bad at this :P), passing a few shoe shop (been tempted to go to each one of it but my hungry tummy saves my money) and till you see Burger King and a bank, just walk a little bit more and look for Wang Thai standing banner.

It is on the 2nd floor (we count it different in our country; we start with ground floor) and you are here! This is my second time here and we love it!

Oh, if you wanna come, make sure you make a reservation first especially on the weekend. It may look empty from time to time but it’s kinda pack during those peak hours. The phone number is 02-749 2746. The overall environment is great, the restaurant is clean, the server is helpful and work fast enough they won’t let your glass empty. The price is at standard; 15,000-20,000 won per person ( we ate a lot =_=). You can also view the menu here:

We ordered a few dishes, with rice. The thing is when you come to this place you tend to order a lot (because we missed our home cooking, it’s almost the same) and so we try to limit ourself with different categories of dishes (we promised to get other dishes on our next visit. hum humm)

We’ve ordered more of the same dishes, we ate like 3 plates of rice each and we spent around 2 hours to finish. It’s a meal that remind me of home. Oh, we also got a free dessert made from coconut milk, with rambutan stuffed with pineapple cube.

Yummy. I am (almost) drooling when attaching the pictures (@_@). If you come here, don’t forget to look around at ‘What the Book?’ bookstore just below Wang Thai (see first picture). It offers range of books (in English) with a good price and they also offers a 2nd hand book which, to my surprise, still in a good condition. Being a bookworm myself I went crazy and can’t decide how many books I wanted to buy, but settles with only one (I have a few unread book at home =_=). Or you can visit their website

Hum. 4.48pm. Uploading such a tempting food pictures during Ramadhan is not a good idea. Can hear my tummy screaming…


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